Innu aimitau (Conversation CD and Manual)

Published by the CURA Project Knowledge and Human Resources for Innu Language Development, Department of Linguistics, Memorial University

Innu Aimitau

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This CD is an introduction to Innu conversation. It covers 21 different topics of everyday life interactions in the two Labrador Innu communities. From greetings to social gatherings, from school to hunting and trapping, each phrase is first given in English, then in French, and then in three Innu voices representing the two dialects from Sheshatshiu (Sheshatshiu-aimun) and Natuashish (Mushuau-aimun). Each word or phrase is repeated twice so that you can repeat it aloud along with the recording. You can turn off the English and French voices, by turning off one of the stereo speakers, in order to hear only Innu-aimun.


Innu aimitau mashinaikan (sheshatshiu-aimun mak mushuau-aimun)

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The Conversation Manual (reprinted 2009) accompanies the Innu conversation CD by the same authors. All of the spoken content of the CD is transcribed here, with additional footnotes and titles.

Download the free MANUAL.


Adapted for Labrador Innu-aimun by: Marguerite MacKenzie, Kanani Penashue, Brigitta Aylward, Thomas Poker and Bernadette Jack.

Originally Written for East Cree by: Louise Blacksmith, Marie-Odile Junker, Marguerite MacKenzie, Luci Salt, Annie Whiskeychan.

Edited by: Marguerite MacKenzie, Laurel Anne Hasler, Kanani Penashue and Marie-Odile Junker.

Production: Laurel Anne Hasler, Marguerite MacKenzie

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