Mashinaitsheu innu-tipatshimuna

(Natuashish, March 16-18, 2010)

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Mamu Tshishkutamashutau / Innu Education funded a 3-day workshop to review and revise the Innu children’s books written during the December 2009 workshop “Writing Children’s Fiction in Innu-aimun”.

Other goals included:

  • a focus on aspects of Innu grammar, vocabulary, and spelling that presented difficulties to the authors in the December workshop (math vocabulary, silent letters in Innu, and so on)
  • the revision and completion of Innu-English glossaries to accompany the stories
  • the collection of Mushuau vocabulary and pronunciations for the Pan-Innu dictionary database


Dr. Marguerite MacKenzie directed the workshop, assisted by Laurel Anne Hasler, both of Memorial University, Linguistics Department.

Download the complete workshop REPORT.



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