Tshitapatamᵘ mak mashinaitsheu

(North West River, March 3-7, 2008)

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In conjunction with the Labrador School Board, the CURA project helped fund and facilitate another week of training in Innu common orthography for Innu teachers and staff from Peenamin McKenzie School, in Sheshatshiu, Labrador. This marked the third 30-hour (5 day) workshop in a series of five proposed workshops for Innu teachers and staff from the school.The course, held at the College of the North Atlantic, North West River campus, was again taught by Instructor Doris Vollant and assisted by CURA project manager Laurel Anne Hasler.

Topics covered included recognizing animates and inanimates, applying grammatical rules to locatives, possessive nouns, and singular and plural verbs, and recognizing verbs conjugated in the present, past, and future tenses.


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