Tshitapatamᵘ mak mashinaitsheu

(Uashat, November 21-25, 2005)

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The CURA project funded and facilitated a 30-hour (5-day) course/workshop in Innu-aimun common orthography for Innu staff from Peenamin McKenzie School in Sheshatshiu, Labrador.

Twelve Sheshatshiu Innu teachers and staff attended the course held at the ICEM office in Uashat, Quebec. The course was given by Instructor Doris Vollant and assisted by CURA Project Manager Laurel Anne Hasler.

Topics covered in the course included the history of the Innu-aimun writing system, the alphabet, alphabetical order, and some of the main rules of Innu-aimun spelling.

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