Innu-aimun Particles

(Ottawa, October 24-25, 2005)

Innu-aimun Particles

Innu-aimun Particles

A group of researchers involved with the CURA met at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario to hold a workshop aimed at the difficult job of determining appropriate classifications for Innu-aimun particles (until now left either unclassified or tentatively classified), to be specified in terms of their parts of speech in the upcoming Innu-aimun/English/French dictionary.




Participants from four universities (Memorial, Carleton, The University of Quebec at Montreal, and Queen’s) as well as ethnolinguist José Mailhot, Yvette Mollen from ICEM (l’Institut culturel et éducatif montagnais), and Bill Jancewicz, a linguist consultant with SIL International and the Naskapi Development Corporation of Quebec, convened in Ottawa for the workshop.


Topics Discussed:


The group met to discuss questions like whether a word like kataku ‘far from’ should be considered an adverb of space or a preposition, whether apu and eka should be classified as negative particles, and so on.


The two day workshop was very successful, and produced a number of fruitful decisions whose outcomes can now be implemented in the upcoming dictionary.


Photos taken during the workshop appear below.

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