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Principal Investigator:

Project Manager:

Dictionary Editor:

  • José Mailhot (Ethnolinguist)


  •  Dr. Phil Branigan (Memorial University, Linguistics)
  •  Dr. Barbara Burnaby, (Memorial University, Honorary Research Professor )
  •  Dr. Marie-Odile Junker (Carleton University, Linguistics)

Website Programmers:

  •  Matthew Follett (B. Sc.)
  •  Dougal Graham (B.A.)
  •  Greg Hedlund (B.Sc.)

Research Assistants:


Additional Collaborators:

  • Marie Jourdain (Instructeure de la langue innue; maternelle)
  • Peter Armitage (Anthropologist Consultant: Wolverine and Associates)
  • Dr. Bill Bavington (Memorial University, Community Health, School of Medicine)
  • Dr. Julie Brittain (Memorial University, Linguistics)
  • Dr. Sandra Clarke (Memorial University, Linguistics)
  • Dr. Carrie Dyck (Memorial University, Linguistics)
  • Dr. Marc Glassman (Memorial University, Education)
  • Bill Jancewicz (Linguist Consultant, SIL International and the Naskapi Development Corporation of Quebec)
  • Yvette Mollen, director for Innu language development (ICEM)
  • Dr. David Natcher (Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Studies)
  • Kanani Penashue (Director of Education, SIFN)
  • Dr. Dave Philpott (Memorial University, Education)
  • Dr. Yvan Rose (Memorial University, Linguistics)
  • Dr. Peter Scott (Memorial University, Biology)
  • Dr. Élizabeth Simms (Memorial University, Geography)
  • Francesca Snow (Innu Language Curriculum Development, Peenamin McKenzie School)
  • Dr. Adrian Tanner (Memorial University, Anthropology)
  • Dr. Sharon Taylor (Memorial University, Social Work)
  • Doris Vollant (Innu-aimun teacher/private contractor)
  • Dr. H. Todd Wareham (Memorial University, Computer Science)

Graduate Students Doing Project-Related Research:

  • Janet Burgess (Innu-aimun reduplication) Linguistics
  • Ron Keating (Innu-aimun Spelling Assistance Software) Computer Science
  • Will Oxford (Innu-aimun particles) Linguistics

Website Translators:

  • English to French Translation:
    Laurel Anne Hasler, Aneirin Thomas, and other CURA project collaborators
  • French to English Translation:
    Laurel-Anne Hasler
  • Innu-aimun Translations:
    Provided by a number of CURA project collaborators, including the Innu staff at Peenamin McKenzie School in Sheshatshiu, Labrador

Additional Thanks:

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of everyone else who collaborated on the CURA Project.

Last Updated: November 19, 2013

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