Aboriginal Languages Research Lab (AbLab)

(Linguistics Department, Memorial University of Newfoundland, SN4044)

The Aboriginal Languages Research Lab (Ablab) is located in the Science Building at Memorial University and first opened in August 2005 to serve as home to the Innu CURA project.

In 2010 another CURA project, this time on Cayuga (and Iroquoian language), took up residence.

The lab houses an extensive archive of books and audio-visual materials related to several Aboriginal languages, including Algonquian languages (Innu-aimun, Cree, Mi’kmaq, and Blackfoot), Iroquoian languages (Cayuga and Mohawk), and Inuktitut. It also holds academic and curriculum resources, including materials on Aboriginal education and literacy.

The AbLab offers a welcoming and comfortable space for students, faculty, and staff doing research on various Aboriginal languages, including Innu-aimun and Cayuga.

View the holdings of the Aboriginal Languages Research Lab.

Last Updated: June 1, 2022

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