Catalogue of Innu Resources

Second Edition, 2018

This catalogue lists many of the resources available for teaching and learning about Innu culture and language at the primary, elementary, and high school levels. Many of the books and materials are for teaching Innu-aimun, but there are also books and web resources for English classroom teachers to use for reading at all grade levels, as well as for social studies, history, geography, science, art, music and more. In addition, there are resources for non-Innu teachers and staff to learn to speak some Innu or to learn about the Innu language and culture.

Another set of excellent resources can be found on the Institut Tshakapesh website ( Their online catalogue of Innu language resources ( can be searched in French and Innu (not English).

Many of the primary readers listed in this catalogue contain an English translation of the Innu text at the back, along with a glossary of the words used in the book. Some books, including intermediate and senior high level books, feature both the English and Innu texts on the same or adjacent pages.

In this second edition of the catalogue, we have included more than 40 new resources, mostly recently produced ones, but also valuable older materials that were left out of the first edition of the catalogue.


First Edition, 2016

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