Developing a glossary of Innu-aimun Teaching terms

(Sheshatshiu, February 23-25, 2009)

The CURA project spent three days in Sheshatshiu working with Innu staff and classroom assistants to revise the lexicon of Innu-aimun teaching vocabulary.

A list of more than 500 terms was established and will be printed in a reference booklet.

The two Innu communities in Labrador (Sheshatshiu and Natuashish) are moving towards local control of their education system. Strengthening teaching and resources in the Innu language is an important goal of this process.

Innu Teaching Terms, 2010

Participants in the workshop included eleven staff and classroom assistants from Peenamin McKenzie School, including: Jenny Andrew, Martha Hurley, Jackie Nui, Ann Marie Nuna, Paula Nuna, Melinda Osmond, Valerie Pastitshi, Anne Rich, Annie Rich, Audrey Snow, and Francesca Snow.

The workshop was led by CURA principal investigator Dr. Marguerite MacKenzie and assisted by project manager, Laurel Anne Hasler.

View the complete workshop REPORT.


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