Developing a Glossary of Environmental Impact Assessment Terms 2

(Goose Bay, August 25-27, 2009)

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The Workshop

In partnership with the Innu Nation, the CURA project facilitated another 3-day workshop to finish collecting and developing the environmental impact assessment terms chosen to be included in an Innu-English glossary for the Sheshatshiu and Mushuau dialects of the language.

In total, 337 terms were translated, including terms related to environmental impact surveys, mining, and hydro.



  • Damien Benuen
  • Anne Rich
  • Leonard Rich
  • Rick Hendriks
  • Marguerite MacKenzie


Following these workshops, a book of environmental impact assessment terms (Tshe ishi-matenitakuak atusseun aimuna), representing glossaries for both the Mushuau and Sheshatshiu dialects, was prepared by the CURA Project, edited by Marguerite MacKenzie and Rick Hendriks, and published by the Innu Nation.

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