Workshop on Innu Particles

(Ottawa, October 24-25, 2005)

Innu-aimun Particles

Innu-aimun Particles

A group of researchers involved with the CURA met at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario to hold a workshop aimed at the difficult job of determining appropriate classifications for Innu-aimun particles (until now left either unclassified or tentatively classified), to be specified in terms of their parts of speech in the upcoming Innu-aimun/English/French dictionary.



Participants from four universities (Memorial, Carleton, The University of Quebec at Montreal, and Queen’s) as well as ethnolinguist Jos√© Mailhot, Yvette Mollen from ICEM (l’Institut culturel et √©ducatif montagnais), and Bill Jancewicz, a linguist consultant with SIL International and the Naskapi Development Corporation of Quebec, convened in Ottawa for the workshop.


Topics Discussed

The group met to discuss questions like whether a word like kataku ‘far from’ should be considered an adverb of space or a preposition, whether apu and eka should be classified as negative particles, and so on.

The two day workshop was very successful, and produced a number of fruitful decisions whose outcomes can now be implemented in the upcoming dictionary.


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